About Us

The word Rasathantra in Sanskrit means “techniques of chemistry”. Here we deal with molecules ranging from nanoscale to macromolecules. We are premium research and Commercialization Company focused on solving problems at the molecular level by understanding and exploiting nanotechnology towards specific problems in material world. The main focus is for advancing environmental clean-up, harvesting natural energies and providing simple but effective solutions in biomedical engineering

Rasathantra Nanotech Innovations Inc. is an Edmonton based Canadian Research Corporationfor commercializing advanced technologies ranging from macromolecular chemistry to nanoparticulatesynthesis. Our expertise in designing and synthesizing polymers, biopolymer, peptides, polymer-peptide conjugates etc. made us the leading company for providing research grade customized polymers with full emphasis on innovation to develop simple and complex architecture. We have access to wide range of spectro-thermo analytical tools, for taking care of your characterization needs.

What we offer

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve their goals by providing perfect services with incompetitive timelines and focusing on their specific needs. Our distinctiveness is high quality services at very reasonable prices, confidentiality, intellectual property protection, and complete documented experiment and analysis reports.