We are developing a new and robust technology to produce highly active metal nano combinations which has applications everywhere- from medicine to materials to military. We use it to plug drugs directly into cancer cells; produce slow-release drugs to end daily shots, produce high-tech bandages to stop bleeding and fasten healing, to increase gas mileage, to block solar heat,  to stop ice buildup on airplanes etc.

Catalogue No Inorganic Formulations
Silver Nano Clusters antibacterial agents.. in agreement with Polynnaoinnovates
Freshness sensors highly sensitive nanocoatings that stimultes with various gases.These sensor particuates can detect the freshness of the packed raw and processed foods. in agreement with Polynnaoinnovates
Water Purification and Desalination Efficient membranes to be used as water purifiers. These membranes are functionlized to effectively block ions, micro organisms, heavy metals, salts etc. to pass through. The water from our purifying system is the best for a healthy livings.
in agreement with Polynnaoinnovates